IoT: What the heck is it?

IoT or “Internet of things”...what is it?  It’s things...with internet.  That simple.  

Objects such as: appliances, lights, machines, vehicles, etc  can be controlled by data exchange from the internet to sensors.

Broken down, it’s awesome and you can do some awesome stuff.


For example:  You’re driving to work and think to yourself “did I turn off the coffee pot?”. Instead of turning around and fighting the current of commuters (and an illegal U-turn...yeah...we’re on to you) - pick up your phone.  Yep.  Your phone.

Open your control app and turn off your coffee maker. BAM!  Continue your commute and you’ve now won at life (and won’t have to call the fire department).  Win, win.


Through the magic of connectivity, sensors and the internet - you can do just about anything.  

Remember the part in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” where the TV-junkie kid was turned into tiny particles and transported from one side of the room to the other? That’s data exchange. Except, there’s no cool theme song playing.  We suggest you put on any song by Journey and operate your control app in slow motion.  It gives it extra pizazz because you're awesome...and everyone knows it.

This isn’t just limited to coffee makers.  Just about anything can be loaded with a sensor that can be controlled by data exchange.  

You may be thinking “hmmm...will this work on my spouse?”  

...probably, but we can’t fully stand behind that for obvious reasons.  We like how you think, though.

giphy (1).gif

From controlled environments to monitoring consistency of products, IoT makes life easier by streamlining processes (in the industry, we call this “automation”.  Fancy, huh?).

So, feel free to travel, work on your golf game or binge watch Netflix while eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (we don’t judge), because you now have freedom.  Freedom for what’s important.


Welcome to the future, IT’s at your fingertips and we can make it happen.  

If you have any questions, feel free to call us.  We will walk you through your options - probably in an awesome pirate voice because let’s face it...everything is cool when you talk like a pirate.

((Insert awesome Journey song))