Hyperloops and AR. Oh my!

Let’s face it - airplanes are SO 2009.  Once upon a time, flying was a luxurious way to travel. Now, it’s basically one step above taking the L at 3am.  


((dramatic music))

Enter: “Hyperloops


No, a hyperloop isn’t some invasive rollercoaster with intense strobe light effects...it’s public transit that would make a private jet look like a Prius.  Hyperloops are essentially underground trains that go super fast and can get you from brunch in New York to dinner in LA in half the time of a flight (and without the turbulence or weirdness).


With all of the conveniences of staying on the ground, without the hassle of...staying on the ground - hyperloops will be the only way to travel.  Most of them will even have virtual windows to help if you are claustrophobic.  

Because, you’re going to be in a tin can, racing beneath the earth's surface.  

Sounds fun.  

No, it really does.  Have you taken a bus lately or actually flown?  Those are the things nightmares are made of. A comfortable capsule that races me from coast to coast in a day? Sign me up.  Now!


Here’s the cool part of technological advancement: Augmented Reality, or “AR”. Back in the day if someone had an essence of AR, they’d be locked up and deemed crazy.  Personally, I think that they were just ahead of their time because now...it’s happening.  

So, you just got out of your hyperloop and stepped into Los Angeles.  You want to go shopping, because what else would you do in LA?  Except, you’ve never  been to LA and you’re not sure where to start so you Google where to go, wait for a cab and then you’re just exhausted, need a drink and want to sit down without pants on watching The Price is Right.  


You still want to shop.  Without pants on.  Without getting arrested for public indecency.  

Because shopping without pants (however much sense it actually makes) is kind of frowned upon.  No big...AR will help you with that (and you won’t catch a case).

With advancements in modern technology, you will be able to “upload” your own body based on algorithms, biometrics and other nerd stuff to see how clothes actually look on you.  I know...I remember prom 1998...JC Penny Catalogue. It was cute on page 12, but you looked like a chiffon potato.  


Fear not, potato head...this will never happen again, because you can see what clothes will actually look like on you before you click “pay now” and pray.

This also works while out on the town.  Gone are the days of buyers remorse.  Just don’t “wine and shop”.  You won’t respect yourself in the morning and your bank account will reflect the same disappointment you felt that one time.  You remember that one time.


For instance, you’re walking past a really awesome shop at 2am after a night out...ok, you might be crawling. It’ll still work.  

Stay with me.  

You’re walking past a shop and your phone dings with excitement to let you know that you can use AR to try on anything in the store even though it is closed (and you should be in bed).  Admittedly, you might look like a bit of a creeper standing by a closed storefront “voguing” yourself at 2 am, but who cares.  That suit looks amazing on you.  Click “buy”, it arrives on your doorstep in 2 days and the shop owner doesn’t care that you spent 30 minutes loitering in front of their store. 


As you can see, technology isn’t a bad thing.  It’s a method of convenience...a sanity keeper.  

So..treat yo self.