Automation: The Universal "Express" Lane.

Once upon a time, "automation" was a foreign concept.  It was something that no one ever considered until the Ford company introduced one of the first known instances of automation in 1947. 

 The first known instance of automation, is not was an assembly line or something.  Duh.

The first known instance of automation, is not was an assembly line or something.  Duh.

Now, everything is automated.  Restaurants, factories...even wine bottles.  Oh yeah, that's what I said.  The "Kuvée", according to Business Insider is like the "Keurig" of wine bottles:

..."Its WiFi-connected, touchscreen-enabled wine bottle sleeve — which raised $6 million in funding last year — works with a select number of wine “cartridges.” Slot one in, and you can scroll through various tidbits about what you’re drinking. When you’re done, you can buy a replacement on the bottle itself, because of course you can. If you’re not turned off by paying $150 for a wine dispenser you have to periodically recharge, Kuvée does claim those cartridges will stay fresh for up to 30 days."

Say whaaaat?  We like that.

 yes, sir...we do.

yes, sir...we do.

Now, "automation" still scares people sometimes.  Because, we think of "automation" being some kind of crazy robot that is coming for all of us with its' beady-laser eyes - awkwardly stomping through the streets. 

NO. Just, no.  Relax.  Maybe look up that fancy wine bottle and have a glass or twelve.  Calm down.  

Automation is kind of like a hostile take-over by robots, except it's not hostile at all and you never actually see the "robots".   Well, you do but they're a lot more advanced than old 50's B-movies.  However, I wouldn't mind having my Amazon order pop out of  a gigantic tin can with antennas and laser eyes...


Anywho. You KNOW it would be awesome.

Speaking of Amazon.  They are basically the royalty of automation.  Did you know that it takes literally ONE minute of man-power to fulfill your order in their distribution centers?  How is this possible? 


Check it out:

Automation is just a fancy word for "effective streamlining".  See, it's really not that scary. Automation can be mechanical, data exchange, programming - a million things.  It's a process that makes other processes more reliable, cost effective and efficient.  

It makes our lives EASY.


Automation is essentially a "helping hand".  It creates jobs, is incredibly intuitive and basically reads your mind and tells the future.  For instance:  You have a cup of coffee every morning.  Once in a while, you switch it up with something a little different.  Maybe, tea.  If you had an automated and adaptive coffee maker that collects data on your, it knows what you want before you know what you want.  That's automation.  It thinks FOR you! Every wish you ever had daydreaming in 6th grade algebra just came true.  You now have a robot to do your homework. 


Now, you like that.

If I've already lost you, here's a boring definition. You're welcome.




  1. the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process.


Our explanation was better.